A monotype workshop at The Artists' Press in White River in 2013 started my fascination with printing. I then began printmaking at Sharon Sampson's studio in Johannesburg in 2014. As in my paintings, the landscape is devoid of human presence except for sometimes a marker of human habitation such as paths, roads or dilapidated fencing. An absorption with the natural environment is still more interesting for me. This earth is what sustains us, its intricacies are fascinating and immeasurable and yet, how irreverently this natural world is stewarded.

SA Fine Art Print Fair 2017

These floral monotypes are studies of form and shape. The concepts of positive and negative space are slightly more complex than simply the foreground and background of a picture, just as life is more complex. I have deliberately chosen a limited palette so as not to distract from the observation of the form and pattern of growth of the subject matter.

Terrene series, 2017

These monotypes are the result of some time spent at Cape Point on the isolated beaches there, hiding out of the wind, watching the mist roll in over the stones, that were in turn rolled by the waves into the places they now find themselves. 

Somehow, pattern always seems to come out of this seemingly random natural action and its when one stops and casually looks, an observation process starts and we begin to notice the hand of the mythical nature gods.  

Proteas, 2017